About IPYL

About IPYL



Since its founding 20 years ago, IPYL has launched projects in various sectors including agriculture, education, entertainment and media. The following are examples of our activities. 

  • International Work Camps

IPYL runs annual work camps for international volunteers in July and December. These usually last for two weeks. IPYL takes on 20 to 30 volunteers and situates them in various locations in the West Bank. The program of morning activities alters from camp to camp, but it most often consists of renovation work at historic sites, usually Battir, Bethlehem, Hebron and Nablus. The afternoons are dedicated to cultural activities that enable volunteers to learn about Palestinian culture and history, with an emphasis on the challenges brought about by the Israeli occupation.

  • Youth Leadership Training

IPYL has participated in and hosted numerous leadership seminars and training courses. These have focused on issues such as human rights and democratic development, as well as youth management and communication strategies.

  • Media, Human Rights, active citizenship and Democracy

IPYL pays a special focus to the democratic process and procedures as well as to freedom of expression and the freedom of the media inside the Palestinian society as a first step towards man liberation and freedom. IPYL has carried out several activities through its media center that has been in action since Feb 2004.

  • Capacity building

Rehabilitation and restoration of youth centers and clubs, management and financial skills, strategic planning, outreach plans, constructions, networking and fundraising.

  • Counselling services 

To assist the youth to overcome stress and burdens resulting from the daily pressures of family and occupation and unemployment.

  • National and International Seminars

IPYL has participated in numerous seminars whereby Palestinian and European youth network, build leadership skills and engage in dialogue. Previous meetings have focused on gender equality, cultural diversity, and conflict resolution.

  • Youth Exchange Programs

IPYL participates in international exchange programs that enhance intercultural learning. IPYL has coordinated European Voluntary Service programs in Palestine, sent local youth to European work camps and long-term volunteering postings, and facilitated study tours for international organisations.

  • Cultural Activities

IPYL has been actively involved in promoting Palestinian and Arab culture to youth. It has collaborated on the preservation of Hebron’s Old City, and promotes literature, music and dance to local youth in its work camps and study tours.

  • Strategic Alliances

IPYL frequently networks with national and international organisations in an effort to cooperate on youth initiatives to bring new methods and tools and mechanisms to develop its performance and hence the services provide to the youth sector which is very demanding and eternally increasing. Current linkages exist with the Youth Development Department in Palestine and Baladna in Israel. IPYL has also collaborated with international peace and youth networks, including Youth Action for Peace, Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service, Mediterranean Youth Forum, Alliance, Intercultural Cultural Youth Exchange, Service Civil International and INFOYOUTH, MAN, Anna Lihnd Foundation, Islamic Conference Youth Forum, Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-violente,

  • Schools Across Borders

Twinning between Palestinian schools from refugee camps and other schools in the world- since 2001 IPYL established relations with schools in Dublin, Belfast, Villanova (Catalonia) and Exeter (UK).

  • Medhebron Media Project

The only community Media center in the southern part of Palestine. The centre aims to encourage young Palestinians to employ media in their daily lives. The aim in order to reach wider target groups and to multiply the impact of their work in Palestine. The center develops the media skills to the Palestinian youth by providing them with free training in the different fields of media; audio, video, photography and multi media. The participants usually develop documentaries that tackles community issues and needs and later broadcast them in the different local TV and radio stations.

In 2004 IPYL launched the MedHebron Media Project with a grant from the European Union. In the three years of EU funding this project ran a program of seminars, workshops and training courses oriented towards independent journalism.